What's New with JZ Murdock?

Update 8/10/2017

From here on I'm too busy to update this. Please feel free to visit my Facebook page for updates on what I'm currently up to. Thanks!

Update 1/3/2017

Got in really, my first full day today of writing and editing since retiring. It was for, The Unwritten. Only less than one more day to get to the end and then I'll be on virgin territory, writing new parts and the ending that pulls it all together. That pulls together three different universes. That's going to be a challenge, just as have the other parts already, as in the melee scene. I had to tell that from both sides, all while none had a clue why or what was happening, they could only live it and die in it and one later observe it from afar, through time.

It's a strange story to be sure and to be writing as you jump from a horror story, to a futuristic sci fi story, to a very damning almost religious story and then back all around again.

Next up is writing the updated version of the short screenplay for The Mea Culpa story, to shoot. Something I have visualized in my mind now for months.

In between all that, learning my camera and equipment.

Finally have the dining room table clear of papers and years and years of bills after moving in,getting it all reviewed and separated and shredded, so I could set up the equipment and see it all put together finally.

Just need to finish up shredding a few more years of old bills and papers, then finish setting up filing for the new papers for this new house, the new life. Lot's to do, lots to have done, just lots of new stuff to get around to.

Making progress, surely, making progress.

Update 12/7/2016

I have not written much if any fiction or screenplays in the last year or two. I've written much about politics. I had a job with one company that lasted 21 years and I retired from that in September on 9/11 of all days.
I had a big year. Prepping for retirement from a company in IT that was ramping up to new technologies. I remodeled over the last year and sold my house. I moved to a new town in a new house in a better situation.
I did all this so I could write full time.
Once I retired, after having a hell of a year, learning new technologies and having tasks at a job that took all my time, I decided to take some time off. Overall I was overwhelmed and my writing fell by the wayside. I had the option of sticking with my job and putting all my efforts into that, or retiring and doing what I've wanted to do all my life. Write. Make films.
And so here I am.
I'm calling next Monday on 12/12/16 my first day of my new job as a full time writer and author. I have two books I plan to finish first. I have screenplays to write, update, rework and even in some cases, produce.
I have purchased much new equipment, camera and accessories for film production, new top of the line video editing workstation and so I have a lot of new things to learn. I've revamped my old production company, LGN (Last good Nerve) Productions from the early 90s. I have opened options for myself and finally will have time to fully devote myself to art, not technologies.
I'm still working with local director Kelly Hughes and his Production company who has started a media center in his home town, next town over from me, in Port Orchard, WA.
I have been deeply invested in this presidential election and the very troubling nationalism that has ran rampant through America and around the world. It will be insetting to see how that affects my fiction, my videos, my horror and my sci fi. I am anti ignorance, pro intelligence.
The future, my future, is going to be very interesting.

Update 9/28/2015

I joined the site Nothing Binding for indie authors I'd heard about in an ebook The Frugal Book Promoter. A site set up by Jerry D. Simmons, a former Time Warner executive.
I have returned from Ireland where I landed with my daughter in Dublin, we spent three nights there and celebrated my birthday at the oldest pub in Ireland if not the world. The Brazen Head (est. 1198), was luckily just around the corner from the AirBnB where we were staying. Using AirBnB around Ireland was my first time on both and an amazing experience in getting to know the locals better than simply staying at a hotel.
We then took the train clear across Ireland to Galway, a quaint little town with many street musicians. We bought some things, I got a hat and shirt and my daughter a sweater and scarf. We rented a car and drove to the Cliffs of Moher and saw other sights including the Berren Art School she is interested in.
We took a bus to Cork in the south and she sadly had to turn around, get on a train to Dublin and fly out for work the next morning as she was on a buddy pass we'd gleamed from my sister who is a Sr. Flight Attendant for Delta. We had been lucky enough to catch a flight out of Atlanta, Georgia together across the Atlantic and she got a first class ticket headed home. Alone, I explored Blarney Castle and other things. Like Scoozi's restaurant (try the Pavlova).
Third day in Cork I headed up to Belfast on the train for a couple of nights. Had a great time there with the exception of arriving and my phone and Visa stopped working. My AmEx had not worked in Ireland for some reason (lacking a chip the Visa had I assume) but it worked fine in Belfast, UK. I hadn't been prepared for leaving Ireland proper and entering the UK. So I had no Pounds, just Euros. But I got it straightened out within the first four hours in town. I'd just needed to reboot my phone when entering the UK in Northern Ireland.
I took the train down to Dublin to leave on a flight out the next morning for Florida to visit my cousin. But that day I got to visit the Dublin GPO where the Easter Rising in 1916 took place in part and found finally, the Temple Bar (seems there's more than one, be aware of that) where I had dinner and many drinks and spent the night at the Morgan boutique Hotel up the street in the Morgan Suite for $220 a night. Had a few very nice days in Florida (90 to 100 degrees but it felt good after a rather cool Ireland in September, and great Cuban sandwiches) and then flew home on 9/11 of all days. All told, an amazing trip. As my daughter has always said (as she has travelled all over Europe twice, with backpack and accordian, playing her way through over thirty countries and over a few years: "Just travel!"
I agree, it's an amazing experience. Slante'!

IMDB 8/19/2015

I have submitted a documentary I worked on back in 1993, "Lost in Space - a documentary", to IMDB and it was accepted. This gives myself a listing on it once it is fully published on IMDB as well as others who had worked on it when it was released on Viacom cable in February 1994. I also discovered my two kids, both adults now, are also on IMDB, my daughter as of 2010 and my son as of 2012. Neither of them had any idea about it till I found them on there, thoug they certainly rightly have been given credit for works they have done. My sister's daughter Brandi Nicole Wilson who played Jim Belushi's wife in Home Sweet Hell has been on there for some time now also.
I have also submitted several screenlays to contests this past week including, "Popsicle Death" to the Rod Serling Short Screenplay Ithaca College contest where he used to teach; "Gray and Lover The Hearth Tales Incident" to several contests and I'm reworking my biopic Teenage Bodyguard.
I also have gotten a quarter page ad for (and with cover graphic of) my horror book, "Death of Heaven" in Zymbol magazine with a cover photo and article on Clive Barker. I thought this was particularly prescient as one of my reviews refers to Clive and his Books of Blood. I had previously submitted my poem, "Pvt. Ravel's Bolero Flashmob" and been rejected. Well, finally I'll get between the covers of their magazine.

General Update 6/2/2015

I haven't posted anything in a while and thought I'd just mention what's up. I still have two screenplays at a London production company, both of which they requested. One of them ended up at another production company and they thought about sending it to a friend to review, director Robert Rodriquez. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm finishing up on Xabalba Unleashed, a serial murder story for the A-Z Anthology, a collection of 26 authors where each base their premise on a letter of the alphebet. You may have guessed, I got "X". I've come up with a new screenplay idea from my past. Should be fun, but might take a year or so. Other things going on but too much. I'm planning for my end of August birthday trip to Ireland and Florida on the way back for some surfing with my cousin who taught me how to surf when we were teens in Cape May, New Jersey which led me to surfing in Hawaii a couple of times years later. But it's been years so trying to get into shape for it, not that I'm really in that bad of shape as it is but too good is better than not good enough. Cheers!

"Slipping The Enterprise" was "Teenage Bodyguard" screenplay submitted

I have a new page on IMDB at http://www.imdb.me/jzmurdock! The Internet Movie DataBase, owned by Amazon.com, is a good place to have a presence. Though I do not yet have a produced film out, with two screenplays at a production company, I figured it was high time to get some info up and out on there.

"Slipping The Enterprise" was "Teenage Bodyguard" screenplay submitted

I have sent off to the producer my retitled screenplay to which he responded he liked the original title. Ah well, I'm open to the best solution, whatever that may be. I just wanted to avoid the film having a "Disney" teen film feel to it, although I did think that "Teenage Bodyguard" was quite succinct and appropriately about me, though the new title does best describe the action. The producer said he preferred the orientation toward my point of view rather than that of the action. I am also journaling this experience on Wattpad if you'd like to read how this developed up to current. Now, seven weeks or so while they evaulate it. More coming soon, or eventually anyway....

"Teenage Bodyguard" screenplay renamed

As mentioned below I have a UK production company interested in the true crime story of when I was 18 in Tacoma dealing with a situation related to a murder by the local organized crime family. I have renamed it, "Slipping The Enterprise" because that was what we were trying to do. Slip by the Carbone crime family who called themselves, "The Enterprise". But did we slip by them? I am now on the third draft of the screenplay I was asked to write so the producion company could evaluate it. As of this momemnt I'm on page 69 of a 91 page screenplay. I have also created a Facebook page for it and it is listed with my other screenplays on MovieBytes.com. More to come....

Potential sales updates on my writings

I now have two screenplays at a UK Production company. One completed screenplay is currently being evaluated now, an adaption of a spy romance (Sealed In Lies by Kelly Abell) that I did for her a few years ago. It had been optioned but that is up now. We now have another ProdCo who asked for it out of the blue (it's listed on moviebytes.com which many producers monitor). Also they want me now to write another true crime screenplay about when I was 18 in Tacoma..I sent them a ten page treatment and they liked it. I also just sent off a short horror story ("Little Johnny's Apple Tree") a horror sci fi story to a YA (young adult) horror anthology that is being produced by a NY Times listed author who will be editor for Simon and Schuster (waiting to hear what he thinks now). The notification for submissions for this anthology came through the Horror Writers Association of which I'm a paid member for several years now. If nothing else, 2015 is getting off to a better start than 2014 for me. Cheers!

New Expedition of the Arcturus Video Trailer

A new video book trailer is now available for my short sci fi tale, Expedition of the Arcturus. Earth sends out its first generational space ship and not all is as it seems. Told in reverse timeline, it's a tale that unpeels in onion like layers back to the beginning. first published online in the excellent "hard" sci fi magazine, PerihelionSF.com. Cheers!

Updated Death of Heaven Video Trailer

I've just updated the video book trailer for my revised version of Death of Heaven. Cheers!

Horror Writers Association's Signed Book Giveaway

HWA has created a web site for Horror Selfies and is offering many different authors' signed books. Check out the authors and their signed books including the world’s most honored living horror writer, and Bram Stoker Award® and British Fantasy Award winner, Ramsey Campbell's The Darkest Part of the Woods. Here's mine, " Death of Heaven". Support Horror! Cheers!

Horror Writers Assoc. Selfies

HWA has created a web site for Horror Selfies (here's mine). Check out the different authors with their selfies and messages on literacy and especially, horror literacy. Support Horror! Really, it's pretty entertaining.

The Unwritten - my latest ongoing Wattpad story!

My latest story on Wattpad is "The Unwritten". A man wakes with amnesia and finds a woman professing her love for him as she begins to torture him. He passes out and wakes to a very large man entering the old remote cabin, a demon escaping Hell crawling along the ceiling and, unknown to them, scientists from another universe blindly experimenting on them. Also, check out my other writings on Wattpad!

Semi Finalist in the Circus Road Films Screenplay Contest

My screenplay, Gray and Lover The Hearth Tales Incident, has been designated as a semi finalist in the Circus Road Films Screenplay Contest! First prize is $5,000. The Semi Finalist list link above may not work after this 2014 contest as new contestants would be indicated after this year. Finalists announced November 1. Winner will be announced December 1st, 2014. Circus Road has worked with Fox, Sony, Universal, Lionsgate and others. This is the first time Gray and Lover has received a nomination although it has gone through several previous contests over the years and the script notes supplied from those contests have been utilized to hone the screenplay over time.

Founder and CEO Glen Reynolds said, “In addition to honoring a great screenplay, we are looking for a great project to produce as a feature film. We are looking at all genres in the hopes of finding something special.” Reynolds has also produced, co-produced and executive produced 17 feature films, including “Conversations with Other Women” starring Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter, which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival.

To End All War - my latest Wattpad story!

My latest story on Wattpad is "To End All War", a dystopian tale of an experiment intentionally gone wrong, that might just cure the human race of its proclivities toward war and genocide. Check out my other writings on Wattpad.

JZ Murdock mobile app now available for all formats!

My mobile app is now available for all mobile formats. Through it now you can access my social media connections and information about my writings and projects from your mobile devices. You can access it from the link above, through Google Play, or on Amazon.com. Thanks for your support!

Today is the official re-release of Death of Heaven!

Today is my birthday and the official release date of my newly revised 2nd edition of Death of Heaven! I have also lowered the ebook price from now on to $4.99. Cheers!

Death of Heaven is now available!

Both print and ebook versions of my newly revised Death of Heaven are now available. Let the games begin!

Death of Heaven proof is on the way!!

I just got word that the newly revised 2014 print version of Death of Heaven is on its way to me for final review prior to being made available to the public! It's been a long road and a lot of work. Thanks to Ilene Giambastiani for her editing skills and Marvin Hayes for the revamped cover which you can see at the DOH website. Cheers!

Death of Heaven re-edit complete!

The newly revised 2014 version of Death of Heaven is now online at Smashwords! Get a copy today! Cheers! And Happy Father's Day!

Death of Heaven re-edit nearly complete!

The editing on my book, Death of Heaven, is nearly complete! My editor has completed her work and I'm going over a last read/edit myself. I did 190 pages this past weekend and we have a three day weekend coming up (yes, I have a day job... for now). This is the single line editing version btw. So I have about another 70 pages to go and it should go faster.

This edit took a very long time. Ilene had some personal and health issues to deal with last year and I was ill for the first quarter of this year. So we are both looking very much toward the re-release, which is coming soon! Considering that I've received some very nice reviews on the current, original version, this new edition has been tightened up with additional material written just for this release, especialy fleshing out the "Vaughan's Theorum" section. Well, that's all for now. I'll certainly keep you aprised. Thanks and Cheers!

Poem submitted to Boulveard Magazine

My first poem, "Pvt. Ravel's Bolero Flashmob", a surreal, 126 line (31 stanzas of four lines each) poem about Joseph-Maurice Ravel (March 7, 1875 – December 28, 1937), a French composer known especially for his melodies, orchestral and instrumental textures. Especially famous for this work, Bolero. The poem tells about WWI trench warfare and the "no man's land" between the trench lines of opposing forces.

In the poem, one night, Ravel, for a few moments, brings humanity and music to the horrors of trench warfare. The poem was recently and rejected by Jamais Vu magazine (see below), whose editor said he regretted having to do, but to please consider them for future submissions. To be fair to them, they usually only accept poems of 1-200 words and this poem is much larger. I expected to be turned down, and this rejection, couldnt' have been a better valadation of the poem's viability on being published.

Boulevard is a magazine founded in 1985. It is published by St. Louis University, an American literary magazine that publishes award-winning prose and poetry. Boulevard has been called "one of the half-dozen best literary journals" by Poet Laureate Daniel Hoffman in The Philadelphia Inquirer. However, they also welcome new poets and writers.

Ravel had wanted to fight in the war, but they would not let him due to his health. Instead, much like Hemingway, he drove an ambulance. I applied the conceit in the poem that he not only got a chance to be in the trenches, but had already had the concept for his later work, Bolero, in his mind and shared it with those of both sides in the war. A very visual and moving piece, I think it would work very well in a sparse and unique cartoon format with Bolero as the music.

New short story now out in "Pirate World" anthology

My new short story, "Breaking on Cave Island", my first pirate horror story (see below for more), is now out in the "Pirate World" short-short horror anthology of forty writers. Launch date is February 14, 2014, but it is available now.

New short story accepted in anthology and a request to submit a screenplay by Film Festival

Thisis my longest "What's New" update ever. I was asked to write a Pirate Horror story (my first), "Breaking on Cave Island", for the new anthology, "World of Pirates", coming out February 14th. As it was longer than the other short-short stories (really a short story) and well received, they have given it the final story position. Very pleased. If you no of my short story, "Poor Lord Ritchie's Answer....", I used that character as the pirate captain as back story to one of my already existing characters. In the previous story, Ritchie reeeeally doesn't like Wizards and it's never explained why. So now, if you read "Breaking...." in the anthology, you'll find out why.

I was also asked by the Nashville Film Festival to submit a screenplay to their Screenplay Competition, which will go out to them this weekend. I'm doing final editing with my editor now. I'm sending them my screenplay, "Gray and Lover - The Hearth Tales Incident" (what I call for short, "GAL"..."GALTHTI" seemed a bit much), which is a franchise type of film series with this as the first installment. Each film would be a different "inciden", or adventure. I had given up on these competitions, but when they ask you politely, well....

The screenplay was originally called, "HearthTales". First written back in the 90s, the original intent was to showcase three of my stories from years before, "Poor Lord Ritchie", "Popsicle Death", and "Sarah". Oddly enough, the screenplay that caught the Festival's attention was, "Colorado Lobsters". I was asked what made me take an MIT grad and turn him into an Action Hero. Anyway, about "GAL", over the years and a few screenplay competitions, it's morphed as it was going to do, into something that was continually better received than the last time.

As I suspected would happen, the "frame" of the story was more popular than the three short stories that three friends tell by the living room fireplace hearth of one of them. One reader said, it wasn't that the three included stories weren't good, but that all you wanted was to get back to the framed story. Which was my intent, I just did it too well. Everyone seemed to want to see what the two Steampunk demon hunter women were up to next. The end of the screenplay after credits has a tag previewing the sequel, which is also going to be in the sequel to my book, "Death of Heaven", where the guys from that book and the ladies from HearthTales, get together in Aruba after an apocalypse of massive proportions (bigger than Earth). Well, here's hoping something good comes from it.

"Pvt. Ravel's Bolero FlashMob" poem submitted to "Jamais Vu"

I saw a call for works from "Jamais Vu: The Journal of Strange Among the Familiar". So I submitted my 640 word poem, "Pvt. Ravel's Bolero FlashMob". Based upon Ravel's Bolero and Ravel's failed desire to have joined the military and fight, he ended up as an ambulance driver. It was also years later that he wrote "Bolero". It's a quirky little poem, dark and moving, but I would love to find it a good home. The poem is for 100 or so word poems, but who knows. I had submitted "Breaking on Cave Island" as a 3,000 word story to a call for a 1,000 word story and it was accepted. So feeling I was on a roll here, I thought I'd take a chance.

"Breaking on Cave Island" Pirate Horror story accepted into "Pirate World" Horror Anthology

I was asked to submit a story to the horror anthology, "Pirate World" (a part of these books). As I had never written a "pirate" story before I thought it might be interesting, but I didn't know much about it. So I spent all day off and on researching pirates and thinking about them. In fact I went to bed thinking about them. I woke up the next morning with a movie playing in my head of the storyline. I was "seeing" it playing out in my head. Pretty cool, actually. So I got up, got ready for the day, acquired some coffee ("Nothing like a good cup of "Joe" when you need it") and sat and wrote it all down. I re-read it a few times making corrections, though they weren't really what I would call redrafts, and then sent it in. And it was well received. After some legal paperwork, it's done! Easiest publish I think I ever had. And it was a lot of fun to write.

- JZMurdock.com web site update

Added ebooks to JZMurdock.com
No big deal today. I just hadn't posted anything here in a while and thought I should. So, I've added a listing here on JZMurdock.com for my ebooks in one easy location. Of course, it is kind of easier just to view my Amazon Author page when you're already there, but then what's the fun in that? Update: I've been working hard with my new editor Ilene Giambastiani (wife of famed author Kurt Giambastiani) on the revision of "Death of Heaven".

By the way, about Kurt, for many years I've been a big fan of his "Fallen Cloud" revisionsit history series of books and now I'm reading his book Unravelled Time and lovinggggg it. What a blast. The book starts just a few miles from my house actually, and then goes wayyy beyond where you think you're haded Check it out! And consider this, it must be good, right? Otherwise why in the world would any author hawk another author's books on his own web site??

- Lynn Worton reviews Death of Heaven

Reviewer Lynn Worton reviewed Death of Heaven giving it 4 out of 5 stars.
"J.Z. Murdock has written a horror story that completely had me transfixed! I'm intrigued as to what he is working on next!"
Hopefully this will be the first of many more reviews. I have an editor now who is reading the book another time this week so we can look into tweaking it to tighten it up some more and resolve those issues that Lynn was kind enough to point out in her review. To be fair to my new editor, we had already been discussing this before the review came out. I am also working on making this a trilogy in that I am planning out the second book now. Something I had never planned on until recently. It will take two Steampunk female demon hunter characters from my screenplay, "Gray and Lover: The Hearth Tales", and blend their universe with that of James and Jimmy from Death of Heaven. Here is what I posted on The Murdock Society, my Facebook page.

- "Expedition of the Arcturus" released as AudioBook

"Expedition of the Arcturus" is now available as an audiobook on Amazon.com, as well as in ebook and online magazine (PerihelionSF.com archives) formats. This short Science Fiction story (see previous two articles below) was first published in the Sci Fi online magazine in its March issue. The audiobooks are available on Amazon.com, Audible.com and iTunes.

- "Writer's Shack Anthology" released on Amazon

The "Writer's Shack Anthology" has been released on Amazon.com. An anthology taken from the various submissions of members from the Writer's Shack writer's group of Facebook. Authors included are: Sheri Marie Bruce, JZ as Jean Z. Murdock (NOT pronounced "Gene" BTW... hey, you'll figure it out), Nancy Pogue LaTurner, Don L. Thomas, S. M. Lewis, John S. McCormick, Rick Blaney, Lisa Moreno Blaney, Teri Orlando, Juanima Merrion Hiatt, River Jordan, Joy Redmond.

- "Expedition of the Arcturus" released as ebook on Amazon.com

"Expedition of the Arcturus" is now available as an ebook on Amazon.com, as well as in the archives of PerihelionSF.com. This short Science Fiction story (see previous article below) was first published in the Sci Fi online magazine in its March issue.

- "Expedition of the Arcturus" Science Fiction story released on PerihelionSF.com

"Expedition of the Arcturus" has been released on the science ficiton online magazine, PerihelionSF.com. After this issue it will be archived on the site. It is a story about Earth's first space colonization. Due to how PerihelionSF.com formats their stories, after this issue this link will display the new and then current month's story in this slot. The magazine has said that they are however working on an archive section where previous stories will be made available.

- "The Conqueror Worm" audio book released

My second audio book, "The Conqueror Worm", is now available on Amazon, Audible.com and iTunes. This was first published in "Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features Anthology" (proceeds to Diabetes research) and sets the basis for my book, "Death of Heaven", which follows childhood friends, Jimmy and James, from the age of 12 to adulthood and through some terrifying adventures. Also available as an ebook.

- "Expedition of the Arcturus" to be released

"Expedition of the Arcturus" a short Science Fiction story, will be published on PerihelionSF.com for the edition running 3/12 - 4/12. Considering the current news in the media about space, meteorites and asteroids and all, it couldn't have been more perfectly timed if we had tried (unless it had come out in this current edition of course).

- Operation eBook Drop

Today I sent out my first free ebook offerings of some of my ebooks to the Troops through OED, "Operation eBook Drop": Independent authors are offering their ebooks for free to coalition troops deployed overseas.

- My second audio book submission

Today I submitted The Conqueror Worm, my second audio book production. It will be a few weeks until it is approved and available for sale and download.

- The first JZ Murdock Audio book has been released!

I was just informed this morning that my first audio book, "The Mea Culpa Document of London" has been accepted by Audible.com and iTunes and is now available for sale! I also put out a blog today describing the process a bit. Check it out.

- The JZ Murdock YouTube channel

I have created YouTube channel called, "TheJZMurdock YouTube channel" to contain my videos. At this time I have twelve for my two books and ebook short stories. I think they are pretty good, even though I did do them myself. Check it out.

- JZ Murdock Audio Books

My first post here of the new Year! Happy 2013! I have finished my learning curve on producing audio books. My first venture was posting "The Mea Culpa Document of London" through Amazon/ACX who publish audio books to Audible.com and elsewhere. I will let you know when it's available. I have completed pre-production on several others including "Poor Lord Ritchie", "The Arcturus Expedition" and have completed the first of around eight hours of my horror novel, "Death of Heaven". It was nerve wracking to get to this point, but time will tell if it all pays off. Now ACX.com has to approve and if they do, they will put it online for sale. Here's hoping. I've hard to learn voice acting, basically, in a week. But now that I'm getting used to it, it is kind of fun.

- "Death of Heaven" has it's own Facebook page

I have created a page on Facebook dedicated to "Death of Heaven" my galactic sized horror novel. Check it out if you get a chance.

- The Arcturus Expedition, an 8,427 word short sci fi story is now at Perihelionsf.com

I have finished my final draft and submitted it to PerihelionSF.com for review. I have run it through beta readers and so far, it has been very well receieved.

- Part I and II of my documentary film review, "Chasing Ice” Documents Global Warming", is now up on Perihelionsf.com

Part I of II, "Chasing Ice Documents Global Warming" is now up on Perihelionsf.com. The December issue of Perihelionsf.com will have Part II and a more indepth review. Part I introduces my attendance at the Seattle premiere of the film where one of the team members appeared to answer questions. He is a member of the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), a long term project of the brilliant photographer, James Balog. Awesome film!

- My newest short Horror story - "Mr. Pakool's Spice" has been released in a new anthology

Hunger Pans: Dark Confessions Anthology is out now on Amazon.com with my second and latest zombie story, "Mr. Pakool's Spice". See more on this below (8/29/2012)

- My newest short Science Fiction / Horror story - "EarVu" free through the week of

"Ear Vu", my latest short Science Fiction / Horror short story will be released in a Halloween month celebration, in parts beginning Monday morning, in twice daily installments on my Murdockinations Blog, throughout the week, culminating Friday at 9AM Pacific time. I will then also be opening up two of my works for free: Death of Heaven will be Free on Friday and Andrew will be free for Friday and Saturday. I hope you enjoy these works! And a safe and Happy Halloween Month to you!.

- My newest short science fiction story is - "EarVu"

"EarVu" is my latest short science fiction / horror short story in the works. A call was put out for new works for a revamp of the old Perihelion Science Fiction magazine. I ran across the call for stories on LinkedIn.com. The editor of Perihelionsf.com turned down EarVu. He said that he liked it, and it was very well written, but just a touch too much horror for a Sci Fi magazine. However, I must have done something right as he has asked me to write a film review for an upcoming issue. I may be reviewing the science fact documentary, "Chasing Ice". When he suggested that, I visited their web site and after watching their trailer, I immediately knew I would enjoy diong it. .

- My latest short zombie tale has been accepted for a new British Horror Anthology! - "Mr. Pakool's Spice"

A few months ago I was asked if I would like to submit a short story for an upcoming the Zombiefiend.com/KnightWatch Press Cannibalism Anthology. It had a couple of constraints. It needed to be about something after the zombie apocalypse and involve cannibalism. So I took on the challenge as this was my second zombie short story (my first being "Japheth, Ishvi and The Light included in my Anthology of Evil). After a few months and several readers doing blind readings where they didn't know who wrote what, my short story was picked up for the anthology. Cal Miller's short story was also chosen so we will again be in an anthology together. I look forward to reading his story and the others when it hits the market later this year.

- Now Available in paperback! - "Death of Heaven"

The long awaited (at least by me and I know, by a few others anyway), "Death of Heaven", my Horror tale redefining the history of Humankind is now available in paper as well as in ebook format. For more on this book, see DeathOfHeaven.com.

- Now Available - "Andrew", my Horror Sci Fi Novella.

"Andrew", is now available solely on Amazon KDP Select. So if you are a member of Kindle Owners' Lending Library, called Kindle Prime, you can "borrow" it as one of your selections. This weekend for Mother's Day I put it up for free download and it is doing well both on Amazon US and in the UK! If you have read Death of Heaven, you'll want to read "Andrew" for the story about how this all got started. If you do not belong to Kindle Prime, you can still get the story in Anthology of Evil as the last story in the book.

- Now Available - Death of Heaven!

My new epic Horror novel, Death of Heaven, is now up on Smashwords
and also available on Amazon Kindle for download. Also, on Amazon UK! Soon in trade paperback. I hope you like it!

- Found: "Death of Heaven" song by Infernal Majesty

Our cover artist Marvin has found Canadian Thrash band Infernal Majesty came out with a song called, "Death of Heaven" back in 2004 on their album, "One Who Points to Death". Famous in the 80s they have reunited some years ago. Definitely going to have to say hi to those guys.

- My Author Interview at Indies Unlimited

Many thanks to Indies Unlimited for their Interview with me. Thanks, guys!

- Anthology of Evil in the UK

Many thanks to the kind people at Wise Owl in the UK for Listing AoE. Thanks, guys!

We're getting closer to finalizing the cover graphics for DoH and it's looking pretty damn cool, if I do say so.

Today I added Facebook and Twitter buttons on my main page to make it easier for people to link up and share. It was just an oversight that it wasn't there in the first place.

- Death of Heaven coming soon!

My new Horror Sci Fi book, Death of Heaven is coming out any time now! I would actually lable it more Horror and Speculative Fiction. I've been waiting for this for a long, long time. Marvin is working hard on the cover art and once that is completed, it will be available pretty quickly after that. Cal over at Zilyon will be putting the book out once we get a proof and everything is given the green light.

Death of Heaven is the story of two guys, Jimmy and James, who have known one another since childhood. At one point they suffered a horrific event, destroying James' family. He moves in with Jimmy's family and they go through school together. After High School, they get a job together but then drift off from one another for some years.

Jimmy ends up going into the military and then special ops for the government. James just beats around through life until something extraordinary happens, leaving him a wreck. At that point they get together again. James is quite a wreck so Jimmy invites him to move in with him for a while, until he can get things together again.

They hole up together in Jimmy's home while they piece together just what in the Hell is going on. Is James insane? For that matter, is Jimmy? They then come to find that Life, the World, and all of History is not what Humankind has always believed it to be. Very possibly the end of the world as we know it, is about the come about.

What they then discover, aside from the Earth and its situation, is that something massive is about to happen that will either maintain the status quo, or change the entire Universe forever.

Is this the, Death of Heaven?